June 6-9, Chicago, IL

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Tickets to Darkness Emergent

Standard Ticket: $150  (limit of 160)

The standard ticket grants access to the

  • Thursday evening social
  • Friday & Saturday day panels
  • Friday night LARP games by MES & C@M
  • The Premium V5 Larp Experience hosted at the International Museum of Surgical Science on Saturday evening from 630pm – 1130pm. 

VIP TICKET : $500  (limit of 30)

Including everything that is with the Standard ticket plus

  • A special Thursday evening 3 hour Meet the Prince at a local Art gallery.  Includes transportation.
  • Saturday a 2.5 hour Vampires & Vino event with a special guest host (announcement coming!).  Water, Soft drinks, Wine, and light snacks will be included.  All guests will leave with branded wine glasses to take home. 
  • Custom Darkness Emergent: Chicago coin collectible.
  • A special meet & greet event during the Thurs evening social. 

Methuselah Ticket: $900  (limit of 10)

Everything that is included with the VIP ticket plus

  • Thurs evening dinner with BNS staff, our Featured Guests Jason Carl and B. Dave Walters.  Restaurant selection being finalized but expecting a nice Steak or Sushi restaurant.  Dinner is included.
  • Charity V5 TTRPG hosted by master Storytellers Jason Carl & B. Dave Walters dedicated to the 826CHI.   826CHI is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Chicago’s youth by Creative Writing, Tutoring, and Publishing support.
  • Transportation to all events included.

Chapter 2: The City of big shoulders

Saturday Night Venue
The International museum of SURGICAL science

The International Museum of Surgical Science, a division of the International College of Surgeons (ICS), spans over 10,000 square feet of public galleries devoted to the history of surgery, boasting an exceptional permanent collection of art and artifacts from the history of Medicine. In addition to supporting its mission through medically themed exhibitions and programs, the Museum also hosts a vibrant contemporary art exhibition program. This unique setting, with its blend of historical and medical intrigue, provides the perfect backdrop for a World of Darkness Vampire the Masquerade Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game, where participants can immerse themselves in a rich, narrative-driven experience amidst the echoes of medical history.

2024 - Premiere v5 MET Vampire Event


Event Directors

Special Guests

Announced Charity


Chicago, with its captivating blend of history, architecture, and urban mystique, stands as an alluring canvas for the dark narrative tapestry of a Vampire: The Masquerade game. The city’s stunning skyline, a fusion of historic Victorian buildings and towering skyscrapers, sets the stage for the game’s Gothic aesthetic. Amid these looming structures, the supernatural world thrives, mirroring the hidden power struggles and intrigues of vampire society.

Moreover, Chicago’s rich historical significance, intertwined with organized crime during the Prohibition era, lends depth and context to the Vampire: The Masquerade setting. Players can delve into the city’s past, unearthing long-buried secrets and mysteries, connecting modern vampire society to the intriguing chapters of history. This historical depth invites storytellers to weave intricate narratives that span across the ages.

The city’s diverse neighborhoods and communities provide a fertile ground for the complex web of vampire politics and factional struggles. Chicago’s status as a melting pot of cultures and ideologies parallels the diversity of vampire clans and sects, each vying for control. As players explore distinct neighborhoods, they encounter unique challenges and opportunities, navigating the multifaceted tapestry of the supernatural world.

Chicago’s reputation for political corruption and intrigue aligns seamlessly with the themes of Vampire: The Masquerade. The city’s history of backroom deals and power struggles mirrors the constant maneuvering and betrayal within vampire society. In this world, alliances are fragile, and trust is a rare commodity, creating a thrilling and suspenseful gaming experience that unfolds against the backdrop of the city’s dark and enigmatic streets.

The Warwick Allerton, Chicago

Welcome to the Warwick Allerton – Chicago, a distinguished 4-star hotel nestled in the heart of Downtown Chicago on the iconic Michigan Avenue. Our hotel combines timeless charm with modern comfort, offering you a boutique experience within one of The Windy City’s most historic establishments.


Since its inception in the early 1920s, the Warwick Allerton – Chicago has epitomized Jazz Age elegance and sophistication. Today, it proudly stands as an enduring landmark in the Chicago skyline, known for its 439 impeccably designed rooms, renowned Warwick hospitality, and prime location amidst the world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings along the famed Magnificent Mile and near Chicago Avenue. Your Windy City stay is elevated to new heights when you choose to discover the landmark Chicago city center hotel.


The majority of our venue events will take place right here at our venue hotel. This includes Keynote sessions, enlightening Panels, the immersive Vampires & Vino experience, thrilling TTRPG adventures, exclusive Merchandizing opportunities, and much more. Embrace the allure of Downtown Chicago at the Warwick Allerton – Chicago, where glamour and convenience unite.


Room rates:  


  • Queen Room Standard: $179/night
  • King Room Standard: $209/night
  • Two Queen Beds: $209/night

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Chicago Riverboat Cruise
The Art Institute of Chicago
Millennium Park
Wrigley Field

Featured charity: 826CHI

826CHI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  

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